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Enter the world of Virkalia ! Gather Heroes, items and form your own group, on your way to become the very best ! Be ready to face incredible monsters through the Stage and Story mode and train your warriors to match the best players in the real-time multiplayer arena ! Create the best group possible with one of the 19 already available heroes, each of them is unique and highly customizable with hundreds of equipment items. More heroes and their unique equipment set, will join Virkalia every month ! Create your own clan and make friends in this fantasy world. Fight the raid bosses with other players to gain rewards ! Once you are strong enough, will you manage to reach the top of the tower levels ? Explore the stage mode, win new equipments, and level up your heroes until you defeat the final boss ! Fight other players in the Arena, create you own lobby to fight with your friends in real-time ! Keep in mind that : •Items are available for purchase in this fantasy gacha RPG. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item. •Virkalia is actualy available in English and French languages, (others localizations coming soon)

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December, 2022



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